Self Love Sessions

Self Love Sessions
If you've been wondering why you should book a self love session let me tell you why! As a woman who needs to feel empowered I realize that we don't always set aside ample time for us to focus on things simply for ourselves. We don't give ourselves permission to enjoy life outside of the box we stay in. There are so many reasons we should be celebrated ourselves. We as individuals are empowered, one of a kind, and deserve to feel beautiful more than just a few times in our life. Being a SAHM, wife, or single parent isn't the only way we should be living our lives. There is so much more for us to relish and sometimes we need to take a moment to smell the flowers. 

There are so many ways we're able to spoil ourselves. We can start by renting a fun studio, picking out a few killer outfits, spicy or reserved and make some magic together. We can even add some florals for fun, or use props for endless options. There's been so many times even this week that I've felt I needed something just for "me". We spend our career serving, catering, and sharing what we've learned as people with everyone around us. I see through my lens something that others may not see. As a photographer or any other vendor sometimes there isn't enough transparency revolving around with our clients that our own needs are usually compromised or ignored. 

Embrace your inner goddess and celebrate self-love with empowering boudoir sessions that capture your beauty and confidence. Let the lens reveal your strength, vulnerability, and the journey of self-discovery. These sessions are a powerful reminder to love and appreciate yourself, embracing every curve and flaw. It's time to own your sensuality and unleash your inner queen. 

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