PNW Hidden Gems

Welcome to the Enchanting Beauty of the PNW Coast. 
The Oregon Coast is a haven for photographers who seek breathtaking landscapes, dramatic scenery, and varying beauty. With its rugged cliffs, beautiful beaches, and charming coastal towns, its no wonder that this stretch of coastline is where photographers gather together. Imagine waking up to the sounds of crashing waves and salty scents of the ocean. As the sun begins to rise, casting warm glow over the coastline, you grab your camera and set our to capture the beauty that surrounds you. 

Can you Imagine

Adventure North

Escape to the PNW for you're private Elopement. 
Imagine standing hand in hand with your partner, the salty ocean breeze gently tousling your hair as you exchange vows against the backdrop of the stunning coast. Taking in the wonderful scenery is a beautiful backdrop for any Elopement. 
L+E begin their morning before the sun rose, getting ready together and sharing in a special moment before getting dressed. When it came time to say their vows we met the sun outside on a beautiful private dock. With the water lapping up against the dock they shared their personal vows with each other allowing their emotions to speak freely. The beautiful scenery bore witness to their exchanging of promises and love. Let the soft sounds of the waves serenade you as you declare your love and commitment to each other. 

We then drove to their ceremony space where E's Dad was their officiant. They exchanged vows along with a few tears. After their " I Do's" they had their first kiss of the day. A longed for feeling finally coming to fruition. After their ceremony we still had half the day to spend together, and we chose to explore nature a little bit together before starting our small planned hike.

It was mid afternoon when we got to our hiking starting point. E+L packed began by putting on their hiking boots. They situated their hiking backpacks and off we went! We began our scenic hike off by walking down a pretty easy trail. We were headed to a perfect spot for some scenery photos. As we navigated the trails we were surrounded by lush greenery and falling leaves. Its always nice to take a minute and pause to be able to capture natures true beauty. 

As our day came to a close, we took extra time soaking up the beauty that was around us. Full from our earlier brunch we slowed along the trail caught up in conversation and good music. The PNW offers a unique and unforgettable experience for couples seeking an intimate celebration in a truly breathtaking locations. The Coast is a great place to start your journey together as a married couple. Let the magic of this coastal paradise be the backdrop of your love story.

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